The offical mascot of #APS AWARENESS USA is the owl.

We felt the owl was the obvious choice to represent antiphospholipid antibody syndrome patients. owls are known to be susceptible to aspergillosis. The spores that cause the infection are found worldwide, but the owls' immune systems protect them from infection until they become highly stressed. Despite this fact,  owls can be found in nearly all parts of the world and across a multitude of ecosystems.

We are dedicated to spreading awareness for aps worldwide, just as the owl has spread their habitat to every continent on earth except antartica. Regardless of obstacles and devastation in their lives we continue to fight and survive. Yet for all this apparent familiarity, only lately have scientists begun to understand the birds in any detail, and to puzzle out the subtleties of behavior, biology and sensory prowess that set them apart from all other species.

Just as those of us who have been diagnosed with aps, the owl has also had to fight to survive and be recognized while clouded in mystery. Owls, even given their uncanny ability to survive, are rarely seen. The number of owls that are sighted vs. the total number of these miraculous birds that exist are vastly different.

The same is true for people with aps vs. those who are not yet diagnosed. Aps is one of the most mysterious diseases in existence just as owls are the most mysterious of all bird species. We think they're wisdom and compassion is amazing.

Just like us : )