#2. Make a video about APS and send it to us. Submitted videos will be posted to our Youtube account as well as tis website. We want the world to hear your story!

#3.  Join a support group 

#1. Provide easy access to information about APS to every doctor you can.

There are lots of ways to help spread the word about APS. Here are a few ideas :

For example, every time i have a scheduled appointment with my primary care doctor or my Rheumatologist i make sure to pre print several copies of information  packets that i distribute personally to all the medical staffs inter office mailboxes. Many doctors will not bother to seek out APS information and many times the diagnosis has to fall in their laps to be recognized. By making this information available to them it can possibly help make an early diagnosis or even spark interest in the disease.  If this isn't possible at your doctors office they should allow you to drop the packets off with the fro nt desk to be distributed. This is a very low cost way to help spread awareness.

there are several online support groups available to choose from. These groups on social media are a great wealth of information. It's a very benefical way to get educated through the experiences of others. If you, a family member or a friend have been diagnosed with APS these groups can be very supportive  &educational. 

tip- do your research before joining an online support forum. unfortunately some are not supportive but full of drama. a simple google search should help you identify which ones to avoid.