No, we do not accept donations​​ 

Even though we have tried fundraising for awareness in the past, we have decided it is not the way forward for us.

​  We believe awareness for any disease is best served through hard work, determination and simply talking to people. We support all forms and entities that promote awareness for aps.

​ Even though we have considered raising donations as a way to help alleviate our costs we have decided not to do so in the future. We are confident that this would only snowball into a much bigger distraction with a declaration of 501(c)(3) status.

We will continue to spread awareness and support through the ways we have found to work best. Those ways are hosting support groups, this website, awareness item giveaways, patient forums, and community interaction. We will also push forward by seeking partnership with other organizations in the aps community.

​ In summary, we will never ask you for a donation on this website . we are about aps awareness and support. We will continue to fund ourselves .

​ Thank you,
 James Garcia (Walker)

  • 2:07