The incredible true story of a woman who has had to overcome numerous medical issues and heartbreaking losses and how she has dealt with those ups and downs. Her Antiphospholipid Syndrome diagnosis has caused most of the side effects and permanent disabilities she now suffers from. It also reveals how she has been denied numerous times for benefits for her illnesses because the agency says there is not enough medical evidence to support a claim, even though her doctors state otherwise. The book also tells of how she is the mother of a son with Asperger's Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), and the daily struggles he himself has faced. One of those issues is how he was physically attacked in his special education classroom by two suppossedly trained aides. That event has left him traumatized to this day. Through it all, she continues to keep a positive outlook, has a strong faith and maintains a sense of humor.

Along with AIDS, antiphospholipid syndrome was the major medical discovery of the late 20th century, so for many it is still deemed a ‘new’ disease. The discovery of ‘sticky blood’ (commonly known as antiphospholipid syndrome or ‘Hughes Syndrome’) came out of years of observation of patients who had developed lupus. Many specialists in the 1970s were interested in the neurological aspects of lupus, and Dr Hughes, among others, spent a number of years studying the mechanisms of brain inflammation.

In the mid 1970s, Hughes observed a number of young women with a form of viral paralysis, where interestingly many of them carried an antibody in their blood actually directed against ‘phospholipid’ – one of the components of brain and spinal cord. It quickly became apparent that individuals who had "anti-phospholipid antibodies" suffered from a tendency not only to develop brain and spinal cord symptoms, but also a tendency to develop both vein and artery thrombosis.As investigation continued it became apparent that these symptoms were not just confined to lupus patients, but occurred in others too, specifically those with severe migraines, with repeated strokes, with memory loss, and in women with recurrent miscarriage

 The Burgundy Journey:: Using Hope, Humor & Faith to Conquer Adversity. No Matter What Paperback – October 25, 2011by Dorothy Champion Smaniotto  (Author)

 Understanding Hughes Syndrome: Case Studies for PatientsPaperback – December 12, 2008
by Graham Hughes (Author) ISBN-13: 978-1848003750  ISBN-10: 1848003757  Edition: 2009th

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