We here at APS AWARENESS USA believe in our members safety as a top priority. We understand that not everyone that needs a medical id bracelet can afford to purchase one. We are pleased to offer this program to those people. These bracelets are made by our volunteers and are paid for by APS AWARENESS USA. We will ship these to our members 100% free and free shipping. Each ID tag is completely custom made for each person with the info you choose. These tags are printed on high quality photo backing and encased in a transparent epoxy coating. Unlike engraved tags, these are able to be changed or updated as your medical condition needs change. Due to the limited availability and custom nature of these items we will be accepting applications on a first come, first served basis. To apply, please fill out the application below. We will contact you for more information if you are selected. thank you ! 



*If you already own a medical id or if you can afford to purchase one, please do not apply for this program. It is intended for those who cannot afford the costs to purchase one. thank you for your understanding